Building a sustainable legacy

Whether you’re building new athletic fields, refurbishing a public park, or creating a new campus environment, you want your green space to provide beauty, enjoyment, and recreation for years to come, meeting the needs of today’s generation while protecting those of the future.

That’s only possible if your project delivers on all three dimensions of sustainability.

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“Tom Irwin Advisors is providing a catalyst to make needed changes in our standards and how we build fields.”

Art Goodhind
Director of Land Resources and Natural Environments
Natick Township

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Meet Our Team

Ian Lacy

Lead Project Advisor

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Jack Schmidgall

Jack Schmidgall

Design and Construction Advisor

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Kevin Dufour photo

Kevin Dufour

Sustainability Advisor

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Chris Petersen

Managing Business Partner

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Paul Skafas

Marketing Director

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We help you ensure project management success

Every green space project follows a lifecycle, from initial vision to ongoing maintenance. Under ideal circumstances, that process flows efficiently from one phase to the next. All participants share a common vision, and as the primary responsibility for each phase is passed from one participant to the next, the hand-offs are smooth and coordinated.

The reality of project management is more challenging…

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Our Services And Solutions

Design | Design is the most critical phase of the project lifecycle, We identify and eliminate or mitigate potential issues before they become costly problems.

Build | During the build phase, Tom Irwin Advisors acts as your general contractor, coordinating resources, ensuring adherence to schedules and specifications, and identifying and resolving issues.

Manage | The successful completion of a green space project is only the beginning. True sustainability requires ongoing effort to properly maintain the condition of the property and ensure its performance for years to come.

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