Project Management Challenges

Every green space project follows a life cycle, from initial vision to ongoing maintenance. Under ideal circumstances, that process flows efficiently from one phase to the next. All participants share a common vision, and as the primary responsibility for each phase is passed from one participant to the next, the hand-offs are smooth and coordinated.

The reality of project management is more challenging. Here’s why:

  • No single participant in the project has responsibility for the entire project life cycle. Because each participant is usually only responsible for one phase of the process, they may not anticipate, fully consider, or be held accountable for the downstream implications of their actions and decisions.
  • Rarely is any single participant able to oversee the entire project life cycle. You need a knowledgeable partner to advise on decisions and challenges that arise over the course of the project.
  • Downstream experts such as facilities and grounds managers often have little input in the early phases of the project. The people who know the most about turf and soil requirements — and bear the greatest long-term responsibility for the project’s success and sustainability — rarely have the opportunity to influence early decisions.
  • Budgets, training, and equipment are often not part of the equation. Even a beautifully designed and constructed field requires a trained staff, proper equipment, and an adequate budget to stay in top shape, but these factors are rarely considered during earlier phases.
  • The scope of work is often not fully realized or managed efficiently. Work can slow and deadlines can pass while fees and charges are debated.
  • One or more of these factors can affect the performance of the green space, increasing the risk of field failure and community disappointment — and mandating further costly, remedial work.

How We Ensure project management success

By providing an independent perspective, facilitating shared decision-making, and applying broad-based knowledge across all phases and aspects of the project management life cycle, Tom Irwin Advisors can help you address issues before they become problems. The project life cycle ends with sustainable parks and fields that provide recreation and enjoyment for generations.