Scott Vose
Technical Advisor
Focus: Project Strategy and Development

Quality turf has always been at the center of Scott Vose’s professional life. As a golf course assistant superintendent, he was judged by the playing experience he delivered to his demanding clientele on a daily basis. As the Turfgrass Technician at the University of Connecticut Plant Science Research Farm, he supported research that promoted sustainable recreational areas and agricultural lands.

For Scott, the motivation has always been clear.

“Everybody can appreciate a beautiful landscape just by looking at it. When you’re actually involved in its care, you can take ownership of it, and that’s what really drives me.”

Today, he brings that deep knowledge and commitment to excellence to communities throughout New England as a Technical Advisor for Tom Irwin Advisors.

A childhood spent mowing lawns and accompanying his father to the golf course fostered Scott’s lifelong love of the outdoors. By the time he was college age, it was a foregone conclusion that the Willimantic, Connecticut native would study turf science. He graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2009 with a degree in Turfgrass and Soil Science.

Scott quickly joined Connecticut National Golf Course as an assistant superintendent as the highly-regarded 18-hole public course was undergoing a major construction project. In addition to gaining construction experience, Scott learned how to coax the best playing conditions out of a high-volume golf course during his two years there.

When a position became available at the renowned University of Connecticut Plant Science and Landscape Architecture Research Farm in 2012, Scott leapt at the chance to deepen his knowledge and experience. The 153-acre facility is dedicated to promoting sustainable recreation areas and agricultural lands, enhancing the use of plants to solve environmental problems, and guiding the design of sustainably-built environments.

Working alongside PhD researchers, he spent the next eight years supporting analyses of golf course turf, seed trials, EPA studies for athletic fields, and home lawn research.

The work was rewarding on several levels. “We were all searching for the best ways to help people maintain quality green spaces – while also looking out for the community’s health and the health of the environment,” he said.

When Tom Irwin Advisors’ Ian Lacy approached Scott about joining the company, he saw an opportunity to bring that expertise to a larger audience eager for the support.

“At UConn, I got deep into the science of turf. Now at Tom Irwin Advisors, I’m personally helping people find solutions for their turfgrass problems, which I find deeply gratifying.”

Scott relishes the role of problem-solver. “I used to be obsessed with the TV show CSI, and I see my role at Tom Irwin Advisors as kind of a sports turf CSI,” he said with a laugh. “I love being part of the client’s team, engaging with people, and forming new relationships. And I get to make a positive difference on multiple properties all across beautiful New England.”

While Scott is deep into the science of turf, he doesn’t lose sight of the higher purpose of his work.

“Green spaces bring people together like nothing else,” said Scott. “If I can help create better, safer, and more sustainable fields that bring communities together and provide more enjoyment for people, that’s better for everyone.”