Paul Skafas
Director, Business Development

Although Paul Skafas has spent more than three decades in the recreational green space industry, it’s never been just about the turf for him.

“It’s all about the people we serve,” says Skafas. “That’s what Jack Petersen, and now his son Chris, have always instilled in us.” Whether working with golf course superintendents seeking to develop their golf courses and their careers, or municipalities looking for independent guidance in athletic field construction, Skafas is motivated by the same desire – to help people.

Since joining the Tom Irwin team in 1984, Paul has developed deep expertise, not only in the science of turf management, but also in business management and leadership development. Skafas, who was named Vice President of Tom Irwin in 2002, improved and expanded the company’s successful Leadership and Professional Development Program, an annual training event that demonstrates the depth of Tom Irwin’s commitment to their clients’ success.

Skafas brings that same commitment to his role as Director of Business Development for Tom Irwin Advisors.

Since its inception in 2014, Tom Irwin Advisors has received an enthusiastic response from municipalities, academic institutions, and golf courses looking for project feasibility studies, performance quality standards, field construction advice, and more.

Skafas is responsible for developing the business processes and support systems to ensure that Tom Irwin Advisors can successfully manage its growth while serving the needs of its clients. While much of his work occurs behind the scenes, Skafas is energized by the opportunity to help clients and their communities build and enjoy sustainable green spaces that will enrich their lives for decades.

“It always comes back to the people we serve,” Skafas says.