Art Goodhind
Supervisor of Land Facilities and Natural Resources
Natick, Massachusetts

Natick is a town that values its green spaces and making the investments necessary to protect them.

“The town, in collaboration with the public works, and recreation and parks departments, is conducting a feasibility study for outdoor space, which will include a 10-year capital plan,” noted Art Goodhind, Natick’s Supervisor of Land Facilities and Natural Resources.“It’s an opportunity for Tom Irwin Advisors to help us when we might need them the most.”

Working with Tom Irwin Advisors enables Goodhind to focus on his management role and know that his parks and fields projects are being professionally monitored.



“We had a small renovation to a park, and we brought Tom Irwin Advisors in,” said Goodhind. “From that experience, we learned we definitely need that watchdog to make sure that our spec is correct and being carried out. The parks director and I were certainly capable of doing it, but time is very tough to come by, so it’s great to have Ian and his team making sure the park, and the dollars, are meeting our expectations.”

In addition, Tom Irwin Advisors gives the town of Natick a means to better plan and measure its green space development and maintenance.

“I saw how they could help with our current strategies, providing an objective measurement of what we’re doing correctly and what we’re doing to make improvements,” he pointed out.

“At our varsity soccer field, Ian Lacy conducted the Performance Quality Standards (PQS) measurement,” said Goodhind. “We wanted to find out where we stand on the spectrum of playability on that surface. We’ll measure where this field is today, and after we’ve done our work, we’ll test it again to show the improvements and measure the return on our investment.”

To date, Tom Irwin Advisors has been consulting with Goodhind on measuring conditions and tracking renovations to existing fields. However, in the near future, the group will be supporting Goodhind in planning and overseeing new construction projects, as well as long-range budgeting.

Goodhind also appreciates the unique perspective and experience Ian Lacy brings to the table.

“In our work, it’s important not to be myopic,” he said. “You need to make sure you’re not stuck doing the same thing and that you consider other approaches. Ian’s great, he brings a fresh way of doing things. He conducts himself at a higher level than most and his work experience is extremely diverse. For the most part, Europe’s way ahead of the United States in turf grass management, so to have that experience is incredibly valuable.”

Art Goodhind believes that Tom Irwin Advisors offers something other municipal jurisdictions could benefit from.

“Tom Irwin Advisors is filling a void in our industry, providing a catalyst to make needed improvements in our field construction and maintenance standards. I’m really excited to see that need recognized. Our communities and our athletes deserve the best we can possibly give them.”