Building a sustainable legacy

Whether you’re building new athletic fields, refurbishing a public park, or creating a new campus environment, you want that green space to provide beauty, enjoyment, and recreation for years to come, meeting the needs of today’s generation while protecting those of the future.

That’s only possible if your project delivers on all three dimensions of sustainability:

  1. Community –  A beautiful outdoor space forges a lasting emotional connection with the people it serves. It brings families, neighbors, and friends together to share experiences in ways rarely afforded to us in today’s world — from season to season, from generation to generation. When more people share that emotional connection and a sense of pride about their local green spaces, they are more willing to support efforts to ensure those parks and fields remain the verdant centerpieces of their communities.
  2. Environment – Environmental impact is an essential consideration for any green space project. An athletic field requires proper siting, healthy soil, and adequate drainage to exist in harmony with its surrounding environment. The appropriate construction specifications can ensure these qualities — and result in a field that stays green and healthy for generations.
  3. Economy –  All municipalities and schools have budgetary considerations that can affect field construction. An understanding of economic sustainability is necessary to deliver a cost-effective project, not just during construction, but over decades of maintenance and care. Making proper choices at the outset will position the project for long-term economic sustainability.

At Tom Irwin Advisors, we understand the concept of true sustainability in all its dimensions. We believe that, together, we can create beautiful and safe outdoor spaces that provide shared experiences for generations to come. Let us help you fulfill your vision of a lasting, sustainable legacy in service to your community.